TLALX, $?, 5 ½” x 8½”, copied, 64 pgs.

Oct 05, 2016

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the record label To Live A Lie, but I am familiar with some bands they have released: Magrudergrind, I Object!, ACxDC, et cetera. They’re primarily a grind/powerviolence label, based out of North Carolina. To Live A Lie marked their tenth anniversary in 2015 and this zine is an account of those ten years, as told by their founder, Will Butler. It’s nicely laid out and includes a solid narrative of the first few years. He gets in the weeds with this, detailing many of the split releases he did and his feelings on them. If you’re a big fan of the label, you’ll definitely appreciate this. A big chunk of the zine is interviews reprinted from other zines with various bands from the label: Hummingbird Of Death, Backslider, Deathrats, Beartrap, and more. TLALX also includes photos, a discography, and stories told by various people who have worked with To Live A Lie. Will ends the zine with some comments about how the label has had a positive impact on his life. All in all, this is a fairly complete look at the label and proof that, once again, DIY punk takes all forms and can really empower individuals to live a more fulfilling life. Even though I wasn’t familiar with the label, kudos to them for making it ten years and not burning out! Kurt Morris (TLAL, 2825 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh, NC 27607)