TJUVKOPPVLA: Tigerskott: 7”

Sep 22, 2023

When there are ten or more tracks on a 7” record, you just know you’re getting into some powerviolence and/or grindcore! And that’s exactly what this band from Sweden is doing. Most songs clock in at under a minute, shortest one being twenty-seven seconds. All the lyrics are in Swedish so I used Google Translate to find out what their blistering songs are about. Not surprisingly, their lyrics are super leftist and include a call to action. For example, their song “En Dyster Fatoush” includes the lyrics: “The change needs to be structural / Not just the arbitrariness of the individual. (Förändringen behover va strukfurell / Inte bara individens godtycke.)” The whole record is solid, heavy, and aggressive as hell. It was a fantastic palette cleanser to the slower record I reviewed before this. Like getting slapped in the face with ice water and being screamed at, they command your attention and deserve it. Also the vinyl is highlighter yellow and looks cool as fuck. –Kayla Greet (Flyktsoda)

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