It only took a few listens on the internet for me to part with my hard-earned money to grab hold of a copy of this, such was the pleasure I got from this Brooklyn-based band. In terms of sound, it’s punchy, anthemic music which reminded me a bit of Wild Animals in its smooth feel. However, the main selling point was the track “Five Day Bender,” which had me hooked within seconds of it starting. It’s one of those songs which you feel you already know intimately and it’s got a great sense of melody—driven along expertly and with enough opportunities for me to sing myself hoarse. It’s hard for the rest of the record to match up to that one song, but it does a good job of getting close. –Rich Cocksedge (Engineer, [email protected], engineerrecrods.com / Pyrrhic Victory, [email protected], pyrrhicvictoryrecordings.com)