TIPPY: Self-titled and Public Displays of Affection: CS

May 23, 2018

Ugh, I was totally not prepared to listen to this cassette, which contains not one but two albums that made me sink totally onto the floor and forget all the things that I could pretend were making me happy. It’s true that “I feel dumb when I don’t do shit,” but I’m not doing that because I’m listening to this record! This would be in a playlist based around Snail Mail, which I recently saw on a Spotify playlist described as “lo-fi indie and slacker rock songs for people who care a lot about music and not much else” and that sounds about right. This is more upbeat than The Good Life but with a similar level of inner turmoil. The difference is that it’s not because of a relationship failing or love dissolved, but just a general distaste for the things that are supposed to make us feel good and the overwhelming sense that being happy is a total scam. With this message throughout, the self-titled half of this tape is kind of jangly-folk-punky and the second half is that but with Postal Service instrumentation instead. With the utmost respect, my quick and dirty description would be that this covers the same range of Bon Iver’s records but without being the kind of thing that will make major labels want you to write songs for pop musicians. And that’s a good thing. –Theresa W. (Rare Plant, rareplant.bandcamp.com)