TINES: Demos and Singles 2013-2021: CS

Jan 21, 2022

For those of us without tape players, the wonderfully independent Bandcamp is the best online resource for listening to stuff like this. While I won’t argue with Tines’ self-applied “prog rock” tag, I don’t consider Deep Purple or Royal Thunder to be prog rock. The powerful combination of those two bands’ styles of rock dominates at least half of these tunes, with crunchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. The meandering hippy/proggy songs lose me, but there’s enough of the former to recommend that my fellow ’70s rock fans check this out, especially the latest couple singles (“Thin Blue Line” and “Playing with Diamonds”), which you can find on Bandcamp, as well as this tape. –Chad Williams (Capitol Idea Cassettes, tinesrock.bandcamp.com)