May 25, 2021

This album resonates with thoughtfully overdriven Detroit guitar rock. The band is based out of Detroit, of all places. The album opens with the mid-paced guitar-twanger “Thin Ties.” There’s a bit of Rolling Stones in the main riff with some Dino Jr. lag in the presentation. “Bored Games” picks up the pace a bit. Again, there’s a distinctively Detroit boogie in the riff without being something you’ve heard a million times. The drums utilize a controlled riff exploding in the breaks. The two guitars in play layer well song after song, creating a nice wall of sound. Tin Foil aren’t afraid to mix up the pace and have the riffs to back it up. The album plays with Stooges-style sonic principle without being contrived. This is a solid slab for the rock crowd. Really worth checking out. –Billups Allen (Almost Ready)

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