Nov 15, 2022

I’ll hold my hands up now and freely admit I love this band. Since I first heard the their debut album, Bearable, over ten years ago, I’ve been a bit of a fan boy. Timeshares is not what you’d call prolific but when the four members find the time to write, record, and release music it invariably finds me in an excitable mood. Limb is the follow up to 2015’s Already Dead and shows a band moving on with just a small nod to what’s come before. Whereas Bearable was an instant hit with me, subsequent releases have found me gradually easing my way into them, as the sound has progressed away from the straightforward melodic and overtly vivacious sound that first drew me in. At first I find myself becoming accustomed to the songs, their nuances and how the album fits together. The next phase is to get stuck into each one, learning lyrics, melodies, and trying to figure out what they’re about. Musically, the songs are well crafted, layered, and tuneful, bringing in touches of Midwest emo, The Replacements, and Bangers. One can always count on one or two upbeat bangers from Timeshares and these are found in “Dead Birds” and “Town of Cats,” whilst more melancholic moments are provided by “Still Awake,” “Siren Sound,” and “Clumsy Fingers.” What’s most noticeable now is the prevalence of keyboards across the album, adding a new lushness to the sound, resulting in an anthemic quality coming to the fore. Timeshares would have to go some for me not to enjoy one of its releases and with Limb all that has happened is that my love has grown ever stronger. A gorgeous record. –Rich Cocksedge (Wiretrap, [email protected], wiretraprecords.com / Bearded Punk, beardedpunk.com)

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