Dare I call this band a supergroup? I dare. We’ve got Tim Reynolds (Hospital Job, Horrible Things), Annie Saunders (This Is My Fist!, Ambition Mission, Bullnettle), Jonathan Pool (Brickfight), Mike Oberlin (Sass Dragons, Treasure Fleet), and Lilly Choi. What a might of talent! These songs are soft and comforting with a sci-fi twinge to them. Maybe it’s the fact that the record is called Space (though I think it is more about physical space than outer space), and the awesome synth, but it feels like I should be staring at the stars while I listen to this. While on my first listen, I immediately thought of comparing them to Treasure Fleet, as well as recognizing Tim’s voice from his other projects. They all do a really great job of pulling from their previous bands in a way that shows a through line, but not an overbearing one. These elements all mix together very well. Musically, it’s super mellow slow jams with piercing guitar solos and striking synth melodies. Plus all the members besides the drummer contribute to the vocals which builds a sweet, ethereal sound together. Though it’s really hard to pick, I’m going to commit to “Message” being my favorite track. –Kayla Greet (Anxious And Angry)