TILT: On the Border Line: LP

Sep 22, 2023

This LP contains five songs recorded between 1979 and 1980 in Poland. The LP comes with a poster and a book delineating the history of the band. Half of the writing is in Polish, but there’s an interview in English in the last half of the book. The book describes a pretty hairy time and a difficult place to be a punker. People were arrested, earrings ripped from their ears. The whole package is an education on Polish kids and the artists from the late ’70s who supported them. You might think I wouldn’t dare criticize the songs, but I don’t have to. They’re really good. The band plays solid mid-paced punk with natural guitar distortion and a bit of mechanical strum in the arena of Wire or The Mekons. “Fallen Fallen Is Babylon” is catchy. “Photo Is Photo” is a very angular, Wire-inspired song. They were really good, having received little support except for a small band of older artists keeping their heads down. The only down side is the album’s very short. But it’s interesting, and very punk. Highly recommended. –Billups Allen (Warsaw Pact)

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