TIGER HELICIDE: Saturday Night Mind Control: CD

Mar 22, 2017

This is the kind of music your parents thought (feared?) that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were listening to leading up to Columbine. It is dark, angry, and violent music. The songs are about drugs, axe murders, suicide notes. Maybe they think they’re emulating the Misfits or the Cramps, but they are so badly missing the mark. I’ve been listening to horror punk for over fifteen years and I never actually thought that Danzig was going to turn into a monster. Even Cancerslug (also from Alabama) writes songs that are more tongue in cheek than this. These guys are a little too close for comfort, and it doesn’t help that the music is not very good. I mean the lyrics for one of the songs starts off with, “I chopped off your head / now you’re deader than dead / you started to smell / so I said what the hell.” What the fuck is this? The last song on this record is over nine minutes and is a meandering, confusing mess. They say that music is therapy, but I think these guys actually need the real deal. –Kayla Greet (Murder Boy Music)

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