THUNDERCLAP: “Morkkis” b/w “March of the Wombats”: 7”

Mar 15, 2022

Very interesting two-song EP from doom rock Gainesville trio Thunderclap. Both songs are which you might expect from a few Gainesville mainstays, but the overall EP really brings together the best parts of the melodic qualities of Gainesville punk with some more sludgy elements that add depth and darkness. It’s like a mix between Kindling and Torche, keeping the sort of emotional elements and letting there be some droning, but never giving into it too far and allowing for both more poppy and more metal elements to come out without any sense of insecurity or questioning. Overall, my favorite from this batch—I found it quite nice. Plus, their URL for their band includes a 666, which always rubs me the right way. –Theresa W. (Ashtray Monument)

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