THUGS, LES: Tout Doit Disparaître: LP

May 20, 2019

I only received this LP two weeks ago, but it’s already become my most heavily rotated album of 2019. And hey, even though it’s a reissue, it totally counts. Les Thugs’ 1999 opus, Tout Doit Disparaître, was rereleased by French record label Nineteen Something, and I’m super happy it was. This album makes me feel all the feels. Right out the gate I was hit with a romantic wave of nostalgia reminiscent of when I first discovered My Bloody Valentine. Sung in both English and French, Les Thugs take their listener on a journey through the melody-steeped sounds of the ’90s—a little Heatmiser here, a little Tripping Daisy there, yet somehow still wholly ahead of its time. For me, it’s a pretty perfect album. Dig it. -Simone Carter (Nineteen Something,