THUGS, LES: Electric Troubles: 12” EP

May 20, 2019

The second Les Thugs LP gets a swank reissue, courtesy of the fine folks at Nineteen Something. Originally released in 1987, it’s hard to convey to newer scene people how exciting international punk was in punk’s first couple of decades. Unlike some other versions that also include the songs from Dirty White Race, this is a pure version of Electric Troubles as it was originally tracked. Les Thugs didn’t fit in with what was going on in 1983 when they initially formed because hardcore was all the rage, with older ’77 sounds fading away. They bridged that gap, playing a faster version of that earlier style. These songs don’t sound the slightest bit dated today, a testament to how ahead of its time Electric Troubles was. I enjoyed revisiting it big time, and I suspect that a new generation of fans will welcome Les Thugs with open arms. –Art Ettinger (Nineteen Something,