Three Short Films by Jeffrey Garcia: DVD

Jun 01, 2017

Living up to its title, this DVD features three short pieces: the nine-minute “Plush Bus,” eleven-minute “Lambchop,” and fourteen-minute “Terrence.” These short films follow the sort of anti-glamour aesthetic from the Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Janicza Bravo school of art-trash cinema by way of Jeffrey Garcia’s hometown of San Marcos, Texas. None of the shorts are particularly deep or complex plot-wise, but rather are more like absurdist character sketches.

“Plush Bus” follows a short span where a nun (Ryan McCoy) attempts to support her now pregnant wife (Grady Roper) by undertaking stand up comedy. It’s never really alluded to why both of these women are clearly played by men.

“Lambchop” follows two couples attempting to sort out relationship difficulties over the space of a few days, and “Terrence” is about the short affair failed ventriloquist Terrence (Furly Travis, who could pass for a budget Eric Wareheim) has with underage fan Christine (Cora Roper). While it is clear that Garcia, while still a bit rough around the edges, is quickly developing command of technical film making, these short films with bare bones setups and strained attempts at provocation are more video art than enjoyable narrative. This often led me to think through my viewing, “Is this deep and art or just cheap shock?” It’s an answer I’m still not quite settled on, although my personal tastes tend to push me towards the latter. I did really enjoy the bizarre music video in the bonus content for the weird, twangy, cow punk song “Next Time” by Attic Ted, though. –Adrian Salas (Pecan Crazy, PO Box 434, San Marcos, TX 78667,