Thomas Dimuzio describes Balance as a “live anthology of noise, dark ambient, textural, experimental, and electro-acoustic music in distinct duo, trio, and combo configurations.” I remember years ago I went to a few noise shows, sitting in some art studio or a basement and thinking, “What the fuck am I supposed to do? Do I just sit here? Is it okay to talk through this? The artists aren’t doing anything on stage. They just fool around with electronics. Do I clap after a song is over? When is the song over? Could these actually be classified as songs?” I left the shows tired and with ringing in my ears, wondering if there was something wrong with me since I didn’t seem to “get” what these folks were doing. I eventually stopped going to such events. That said, this album totals a few hours of sound on three CDs that I thought would be insufferable but after a while it all merged together as background noise. Given my prior experience, I think that’s the best Dimuzio could hope for with this reviewer. –Kurt Morris (Gench)