THIS WAS SURVIVAL: THE LIFE OF PATRICK BLATT, 8½” x5 ½”, glossy print, 30pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

I was delighted when I heard about this zine by Sadie Smith, as I’ve followed the Autoerotic’s Instagram—largely archival content from the publications Autoerotic curates and sells—for quite some time. This zine is an interview with and a love letter to Patrick Blatt, owner of Autoerotic, a gay bookstore in the Castro that’s had open doors since 1987. Blatt reflects on his truly remarkable life with humble candor, despite a life that included a workplace discrimination lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court, time at Drummer, decades of reliable smut peddling, and a whole lot of heartache. With all his dry sense of humor, surly air, and do-it-yourself verve, I feel a great sense of gratitude to have gotten to know Blatt through Sadie Smith’s sharp but tender interview. One photograph shows Blatt standing in the storefront, unassuming in his checked button-down and moustache, arms behind his back, a look of pride on his face. It’s powerful; a snapshot moment of a long life long-lived and still fucking kicking. May we all be so lucky. –jimmy cooper (IG: @slowburnfilm)