THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON ANGER: WHAT IT IS, HOW TO DEAL, $5, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 32 pgs.

May 23, 2018

Another installment of the Dr. Faith’s Five Minute Therapy series from the one and only Faith G. Harper, PhD. Do you have problems with anger? Need to get a grip? Well, this zine hopes it can aid you in your quest for inner peace. As for me, I read it, put on my Sid Vicious T-shirt, then walked outside and punched two parents who walked past me with smiles pushing their newborn in a carriage. That’ll teach them! No one smiles at me unless I say it’s okay! I then shoved the carriage out into traffic, because fuck that kid, and who are they to be sucking up my precious oxygen? Some do-gooder type decided to stick his nose into my affairs, so I head butted the motherfucker when he told me I needed “to chill.” Fuck off, you twat! Me gets angry and me acts out! I can’t helps it, and keeping it bottled up will only make me sick, so I has to let ‘er rip! Me is punk rock and all that. Peace and happiness is for middle class wankers and dirty stupid hippies. Me down here in the streets where me anger keeps me warm like an electric blanket. –Matt Average (Microcosm,