THINGZ, THE: Just in Time: LP

Dec 03, 2020

I spy thirteen songs of good-natured, punky horror garage, with male/female harmonies and a delightfully pulsating organ for levity. It sounds a little bit like a sobered-out Les Sexareenos playing Groovie Ghoulies songs, or maybe if the Gruesomes had kids who formed a band or something like that. They’re certainly not reinventing the wheel here, but I’m fairly certain that wheel reinvention was not high on their list of priorities. They’ve got a line in their song “Animal Tavern” about a duck not paying their bill that I find noteworthy in its awesomely naïve stupidity, and they also end with a cover of “Chasing the Night” by the Ramones that I find noteworthy in its awesomely naïve awesomeness. They initially struck me as the kind of band that still had their parents drop them off at gigs, but this is apparently their eighth (?!) album, so maybe I just got thrown by the pluralization-with-a-Z bit. I guess you can take that any way you like, so you might as well take it as an endorsement. BEST SONG: “Animal Tavern.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Be a Rat.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Too Tough to Die, the Ramones album whence “Chasing the Night” originally appeared, was the only Ramones album with exactly thirteen songs. –Rev. Nørb (Coffee Addict)