THIEVERY: 2005 Demons: CS

Feb 05, 2020

I hadn’t heard of Thievery before but Extinction Burst has done us a favor by raising these demos from the dustbin and putting them on a cassette that clocks in at just under five minutes. Listening to this live-recorded blazing set, all I can think about is how physically taxing this kind of thing is. There’s some kind of lament or celebration in there (depending on how you look at it) about how these feats of intensity don’t lend themselves to long-term bands, since to do that kind of thing for twenty years might actually just break your body in two. Grindcore, powerviolence, thrashcore—whatever you call the reason Charles Bronson had few songs crossing the one-minute mark—having a live recording of this kind of thing might be the best possible way we have to hear the kind of power that can build up in the desert. –Theresa W. (Extinction Burst)