THERE WERE WIRES: Somnambulists: LP

May 25, 2021

Goddamn! Somewhere out there in the world there’s a crew of torn-up motherfuckers who have to go out and dredge a harbor. It’s probably like four in the morning and they’re most likely in a pretty foul mood. And as the machinery starts to warm up, I’d like to imagine one of them hits play and they all listen to Somnambulists on repeat as the sun halfheartedly emerges from the horizon. The tone is bleak, the mood is heavy, the tempo changes from a chugging crawl to a blasting freefall: the brutality is real! It’s despondent and dynamic hardcore from Boston circa 2003. Re-mastered and re-packaged for maximum punishment, this is the kind of release that ruins lives in the best way possible. Pick it up and see what’s at the bottom of the harbor. –Daryl (Tor Johnson / Iodine, [email protected])

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