The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 5) by Adel Souto

Aug 15, 2016

(click for full image)

For my fifth Razorcake collection, we have a nice batch of (mostly) bands. In the first row there is Bristol punks Chaos UK, then two from Sweden: melodic death-metalers Amon Amarth, and hardcore punks Wolfbrigade. Row two starts with a really bright logo—from the band who coined the term “black metal”—Venom, followed by a vest full of smaller patches (where the wearer says he just hasn’t found a fitting center piece yet), and it finishes on one for dark hardcore band Disembodied from Minneapolis, Minn. For our third row, we have a huge Slayer sew-on, a nice, simple badge telling the world how they feel, and ending it off with an LP-sized patch for French black metal band Nocturnal Depression.