The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 14) by Adel Souto

Dec 12, 2016

(click for full size)

For my last entry of 2016, New York City does not disappoint. The first row starts with a powerful feminist message, followed by two heavily studded vests for U.K.’s Discharge, and NYC’s own Warzone. Row two begins with a huge Dead Kennedys patch, then an early Bad Brains logo done entirely with a black marker, and it ends with a clean collection featuring German thrashers Sodom. The final row has yet another amazing Noothgrush patch, trailed by one for a band I’d never thought to see at punk shows—Scottish synth-pop duo Strawberry Switchblade—and we finish off on a jacket sharing the props between MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, and England’s GBH.



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