The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 11) by Adel Souto

Oct 31, 2016

(click for full size)

This is Round 11 of taking shots of people’s backs in NYC. This time, it’s all music. The first row starts off with a bright pink one for local Brooklyn natives The Homewreckers, next is a head-scratching, and seriously punk-looking, put-together for Tom Petty, and then a girl is missing her back patch, but still has her bottom rocker for Berkeley, Calif. punks Crimpshrine. In row two, we have an “all studded jacket” line-up: beginning with NYC ska-core outfit Choking Victim, centered by a Spanish punk’s call for “a punk new world,” and finishing on U.K. hardcore punks Chaos UK. Our last row starts with a dark one for Oakland, Calif. doomsters Noothgrush, a bright red one for The Exploited surrounded by a swirl of punk patches, and ending off on a fan of a young Ozzy Osbourne.


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