The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 10) by Adel Souto

Oct 17, 2016

(click for full size)

For our tenth walk about NYC, I’ve captured a cool mix of bands and artists. The first row begins with a big one for crossover act Municipal Waste from Richmond, Va., a nice leather jacket with a hand drawing by the wearer’s boyfriend, and an old HP Lovecraft interpretation by Hannes Bok. Row two starts off with a studded jacket for Oakland, Calif., thrashers Ghoul, centered by one for the U.K. oi! band Blitz, and ending on an original work by artist Aline Maggy Decat. The final row has a great patch for U.K. punks Sham 69, another for anarcho punks The Mob, and ending off on Japanese d-beaters Disclose. (