THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY: THE STORY OF WORLD WAR IX #1-4, $5, 7” x 10¼”, color, 28 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

I will admit that when I first looked at these, I was thinking that one issue of an autobiographical comic book about the author’s band was a great idea, two issues was sort of extensive, and four was just fucking ridiculous. Then I realized that I’m the guy who wrote a 139,000 word book about his band, so maybe I better STFU and let the guy weave his tale. Anyway, the author is Justin Melkmann, long-time guitarist for NYC party punks World War IX. These four issues—competently illustrated in a style that falls somewhere between John Holmstrom and a drug-addled Peter Bagge—chronicle Melkmann’s beginnings as a mere music-obsessed nerd through his glorious ascent to being a music-obsessed nerd in a band. And, while, admittedly, reading a four-volume history of someone else’s relatively low-level punk band (no offense meant, I share the same pedigree) where the single greatest point of drama comes from the agony the band experiences when they have to replace Rolf with Milt (SPOILER ALERT: They replace Rolf with Milt) doesn’t sound all that appealing on the surface, somehow—admittedly improbably—Melkmann cares so fucking much about his band that when you’re reading it, you’re like Holy fuck! They’re replacing Rolf with Milt! Absolutely worth a read, though the author appears to have no connection to legendary AWA wrestling losing streak champion Jake “The Milkman” Milliman.–Rev. Nørb ([email protected])

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