TFG: G.O.P. Gag on Penis: CD

Jan 31, 2018

First, let’s talk artwork. The CD comes wrapped in a full-color centerfold, a demented cartoon fuckfest with Trump, dicks, jizz, blowjobs, and ass hair. Next, the music: most basic of Casio three-chord melodies, ironic monotone man speak overdubs, and hyper homo-sexualized everything-about-penis tongue—or rather—dick-in-cheek(s) lyrics. I’m not sure I can properly explain the context in which this comes from, nor do it justice, so in their own words: “We take all the things that conservatives fear about gay culture, and instead of downplaying them for societal approval, we amplify them beyond caricature. Then we shove them right up their ass.” –Camylle Reynolds (Third Input, [email protected])