TEXTURE FREQ: Masochistic Episode: CS+Zine

Nov 20, 2023

Shortly after sending this tape in for review, the lives of Texture Freq and the Minneapolis DIY scene as a whole were changed forever. In an act of ignorance, hate, and malice, two men indiscriminately opened fire on a backyard of people attending a house show. A show at a house that TF vocalist and Razorcake contributor jimmy cooper lives at. The attack stole the life of August Golden of the band Scrounger, and left several others seriously injured. It’s impossible for me to separate this recording from the event. And I hate that. But in these lyrics and the accompanying essay—“The Immediate Stages of the Hardcore Singer”—a picture is painted of how one can utilize the most positive and empowering aspects of punk and queerness to protect oneself from the buffet of abuses the world seems to have gleefully prepared. The music comfortably sits beside the undercover feralness of The Toy Dolls and fellow Midwestern, bizarro hardcore punk luminaries The Crucifucks. An adversarial approach to your senses, but a fortifying act to your personal safety. In the weeks after the shooting we saw an outpouring of support for those who had been affected. There were many times I looked at my phone, eyes beginning to water, thinking about the informal spaces and loose networks we cherish, and the tragedies we’ve sustained, and knowing that the power of the community will show its strength, and all those we’ve lost won’t be forgotten. In these real world moments, when the theory and slogans lay on the page, we need music from the most visceral places. Texture Freq is that music. Uncompromising and undiluted. A rebellious “fuck you forever” to a society eager to eat itself alive. –Daryl (Furious Beautiful)

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