TESTIMONY #2, $6.66, 5½” x 8½”, mixed color/black and white print on glossy paper, 29 pgs.

May 15, 2023

Testimony is a zine centered around religious experience, now on its third issue at the time of this review’s writing. Each issue collects work from authors surrounding their faith, lack thereof, and various religious experiences not limited to any single denomination. Though Testimony does not take sides, many of the experiences collected in this issue are negative, shrouded in the shame, fear, and guilt so many experience in the faith they grow up in. It speaks volumes this is the case, and still more that folks are able to pass through that and make something meaningful out of that, whether they remain religious in some sense or choose to leave. It’s cool to see these diverse experiences collected next to each other without judgment (though I suppose contributors have no choice in the matter), something I think a lot of us who are quick to judge—often based on our own negative experiences—can learn from, and I commend Testimony for doing that good work and providing a delineated space for people to explore this tricky subject. –jimmy cooper (relatedrecords.com/zines.html#)

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