TERRITORIES: There and Gone: 7” flexi

Sep 17, 2018

What a cool concept. This is a picture flexi-disc that you can see through, so it comes off like looking at a slide or a Viewmaster or something. Apparently, Pirates Press has made one of these flexis for each song on the album and is releasing them as a box set. Pretty cool. The song? Oh yeah. Melodic and heartfelt street punk not unlike Hopeless Romantic-era Bouncing Souls. I really like it. A little digging also informed me that these guys used to be Calgary mainstay punks Knucklehead. I saw them lots of times back in the old days—a good band that has evolved into another good band. Since I am on vacation while writing this, and don’t have access to a turntable, I am listening online and found the entire album. The whole thing is great. I am going to keep an eye out to see if they come out to the coast to play. –Ty Stranglehold (Pirates Press)