TERRITORIES: Self-titled: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Calgary strikes again, or what’s old is new again. Western Canada’s veteran punk band Knucklehead ruled the region for years, touring the continent and releasing records all over the world. Most of you will remember them, or at least you should. Fast forward to the present day; four of the five members have finally released this much-anticipated debut, and it was worth the wait. The good news being, it’s precisely what you’d expect from these guys (and their label). Trust me, consistency is a good thing. Kyle has strapped on a guitar for this incarnation rather than solely focusing on vox, but otherwise it’s more or less the same band you’ve grown to love. Classic street rock’n’roll puts it fittingly, with equal parts English oi! and slick greaser punk rock. “Heart that Breaks” was the first song to really stick out for me, but the whole record is a stomper from start to finish. Here’s hoping they do some touring for this, since the rest of the world really needs to see them in the flesh (including me). –Steve Adamyk (Pirates Press, piratespressrecords.com)