Jan 24, 2024

First off—and least importantly—gottDAMN is that safety-orange vinyl pretty. Wow. I feel my lizard brain flexing in joy every time I look at it. Okay, that aside, this record is fantastic, and has been getting regular plays around here. Like the title suggests, there’s something inherently cold about this record, something distanced, even as the band takes off reliably from the rock/punk/mod launch pad of labelmates like The Drowns, The Ratchets, and The Generators. It’s fantastic stuff—topical, hard-hitting, melodic, but that coldness prevails, somehow making it more captivating. Something in the melodies, maybe, and the way the vocals are buried in the mix. Crusades were another band that managed that weird amalgam: ridiculously tuneful and catchy, but something about the way the vocals were recorded (and the subject material inherent to that band) made their output sound both tremendously sad and withdrawn. Walled off in some way. Solemn. Anyway, a powerful set of punk songs, with a relentless sense of melancholy threaded throughout. The record cover—a two-lane road with snow rendering the rest of the world white and frozen—fits this album perfectly. Absolutely recommended. –Keith Rosson (Pirates Press)

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