TENSION SPAN: The Future Died Yesterday: LP

Mar 19, 2024

A bleak record reflecting the bleak times we’re drowning in. But there is a sense of hope in here as well, because if we don’t have hope then it’s all over. Tension Span, on this album, consists of members from Asunder, Dystopia, Neurosis, and Christ On Parade. Mix Neurosis with Killing Joke, and you’re on the right path. Just like their previous bands, these folks create music that transcends genres. Post-punk? Sure. Metal? Sure. Punk? Sure. But this is more than all that. This doesn’t stay in its lane. It ventures out to see what else there is beyond all this. It’s certainly dark and heavy, and yet soaring, tuneful, and strangely serene. An album of contrasts. There are hard-driving songs like “The Crate Song” and “Human Scrapyard” that are followed by the dream-like “Filament,” and instrumentals like “I Can’t Stop This Process.” Words that are poetic with keen observations on the human condition. A couple lines, of the many, that stick with me, are, “Each of us a seeker, looking each other in the eyes. Each of us a fraction of the whole that we can be. Carrying the weight of our potentiality,” from “Filament,” and “We stand breathless in the wind, we are restless in our skin” from “Didn’t See It Coming.” An album so fantastic I never want it to end. –Matt Average (Neurot, neurotrecordings.com)

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