TENEMENT: The Self-titled Album: LP

Sep 22, 2016

This band had become almost GBV-ish in the frequency of recorded output. Believe me, no complaints here. So I won’t even fan the flames that seven songs are probably more of a beefy EP than a full-length. (Back to the music, please.) “Underworld Hotel” may be mellower than the typical full-tilt rockers we have come to expect from this band. But it is so gosh darn catchy that it really shouldn’t bother anyone one single iota. “Witches in a Ritual” is also guilty as charged. This deserves a spot next to your other records by this band, and if that doesn’t apply to you—what are you waiting for? –Sean Koepenick (Forward, j[email protected] / Deranged, [email protected])