TENEMENT: The Self-titled Album: LP

Jan 18, 2017

My experience with these kids is admittedly more limited than most, but my recollection is that they were purveyors of rough ‘n’ tumble pop, punkers not afraid of melody and mid tempos. The sound here has been scrubbed clean and the deliveries more eclectic—scrappy pop punk one minute, then an acoustic number, radio-friendly pop the next. What I find most interesting here is the sly ‘70s undertow that pops up throughout—slow the tempos down just a smudge, soften the attack, and you’ve got something groovy for your Chevy van, or at least a Weezer record. This ain’t meant as a diss, but rather a comment on the versatility of the writing itself. While a lot of what’s here ain’t exactly my cup o’ champurrado, it’s clear why they’re getting the attention they are from places outside their punk base. –Jimmy Alvarado (Deranged)