TEMPLARS: Omne Datum Optimum: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Anyone paying attention knows I have a lot of opinions on skinhead music—the best is sublime, the worst unlistenable. The USA has a history of subpar skinhead bands. My opinion… live with it. The Templars are and have always been the best skinhead band in America, if not the world. I love every fucking thing they’ve done. This LP is a 25th anniversary of its original release on GMM back in ’98. This was their third full LP and their first in a “proper” studio, so it has a thicker sound than the very thin French-influenced sound of their very early stuff. Choppy guitars, upfront bass, and Carl’s distinctive vocals. I dunno; take the best of bands like the Warrior Kids, The Business, Rejects and a heavy dose of glam. Fantastic. I don’t often throw out “mandatory,” but just listen to “Guardian Angel” or “Victim” and tell me I’m wrong. Oi fucking oi. –Tim Brooks (Templecombe, thetemplarstko.com)

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