TEINI-PÄÄ: Täynnä kysymyksiä: CS

Jan 26, 2021

Just last issue I was singing the praises of Helsinki Finland’s Teini-Pää and here we are again with another release. I have to admit, I was a little confused as this release sounds a fair bit different than the 7” that I reviewed last time. While the Hotelliin/112 single features more of an ethereal, post-punk sound to it (and that ruling ABBA cover), the songs on this tape are more in the vein of an upbeat jangly pop. The band Cub came to mind. I don’t want to sound as if this is a bad thing, just different. I absolutely love the songs here and I continue to listen to it like crazy. In listening to the rest of their output online, it seems to me that Teini-Pää does not need to live within the constructs of genre; the band just makes beautiful music. Consider me a fan. –Ty Stranglehold (teinipaa.bandcamp.com)