TEINI-PÄÄ: Maailma Kyllä Odottaa: LP

Mar 15, 2022

If I could see this band on a bill with the Plastic Tones I could just die knowing that I got to briefly sample the best Finnish power pop one could ever hope to fill their earholes with. Leaning on a guard rail and looking into a rushing river as the snow gently falls, running up a flight of stairs to see your crush, meeting up with your friends at night on a downtown street corner. My brain is about seventy-five percent informed by ’80s movies, and this music isn’t helping! It’s so poppy, romantic, and earnestly nostalgic-sounding I can’t help but visualize these very specific scenes as I listen. If this record isn’t making you dance like a drunkass Molly Ringwald, you’re doing something wrong. Nössöpunk coming in strong for 2022. –Daryl (Soit Se Silti)