TEINI-PÄÄ: Maailma Kyllä Odottaa: LP

May 24, 2022

In past reviews I have gushed about Helsinki’s Teini-Pää and I was a little sad to know that due to the crazy heights that international shipping rates are reaching, I probably wouldn’t be getting a copy of their new LP any time soon. Well color me surprised when the band reached out to me wanting my address to send a copy! My heart is aglow. As for the record, it features more beautiful pop music. I believe I mentioned Cub in my last review, didn’t I? Well, they cover the Vancouver pop legends deftly here. Listening to this just makes me happy, and that’s something that we all need right now. Last time I said “consider me a fan” … Make that super-fan. Kiitos paljon Teini-Pää! –Ty Stranglehold (Soit Se Silti)