TEENAGE MOODS: Sadness: 7” single

Nov 23, 2016

This single is pop perfection. Think of Real Estate crossed with Ivy. Guitar pop with a lot of depth; the kind you can listen to over and over and it always sounds fresh. The vocals are nice and smooth in a good way, and the songs are catchy and extremely well crafted. It’s the kind of music for late night drives or end of the summer evenings. The A side is nice, with its building tempos that wash away to something slightly serene. “So Low” on the B side should not be skipped over just because of its placement on the record. Just as great as the A side. Two songs about sadness and loneliness, and yet I find myself pretty happy and believing in a world of possibility when I’m listening to this. –Matt Average (25 Diamonds, 25diamonds.com)