Mar 20, 2018

Upon first glance, the record caught my eye because I thought it was a demo from Canada’s Teenage Head. It’s actually a scarcely known French group’s demo and the recordings are mostly covers. It didn’t seem essential; some of the covers are even played out. But it’s become pretty essential listening. It’s is a slammer all the way through, including tough, ’77 versions of “Shakin’ All Over” and “Teenage Depression,” to name a few. I can’t read French well, but I think the essay included with the LP says some or one of them went on to form the French power pop group Telephone. Or maybe one of them just used a telephone once. That’s really only nominal lineage for some people. But if you’re a fan of the Canadian band Teenage Head or The Flamin’ Groovies’ album Teenage Head, this won’t disappoint. It’s solid for the punk’n’roll set. –Billups Allen (Cameleon (sic); rickyamigos.free.fr)