May 23, 2018

Skank or Die is what it’s like to fall in love with a record before even listening to it. I’d never heard it before; doesn’t matter. The snarl-fist-expression of the dorky kid on the cover, the name and song titles, provide no surprises. It’s exactly what you’d expect (and perfect). It’s notably a reissue of a scarce New Jersey record from the early ‘80s, and obviously, because nothing new could be this brilliantly stupid. Dumb-dumb hardcore with a sense of humor, with the focus on the humor part. Flawless in all areas. Packed with nine tracks in around ten minutes. Rerun Records has been a killer power pop reissue label that I’ve personally purchased a dozen records from previously, so I knew damn well I’d enjoy this, even if it isn’t a skinny tie band. Oh, and can someone please message me and let me know what the significance is behind the song “False Jesii Part 1”? Like, are Pissed Jeans just huge fans of Teenage Depression that they named a song in homage to them? Or rather, does False Jesii the name have some other significance? Inquiring minds need to know. –Steve Adamyk (Rerun, rerunrecordsstl.com)