Mar 25, 2020

This split is for the kids. This is an opportunity to showcase Human Robots, Milo’s (Teenage Bottlerocket singer/guitarist Ray Carlisle’s son) one man band. Fittingly, it starts with two Bottlerocket songs that are homages to their children. Bassist Miguel Chen wrote “Olivia Goes to Bolivia” about his baby daughter Olivia. “Everything to Me” is Ray’s song about Milo. Actually, this split is at least ninety percent about Milo. Continuing with the theme of children in “Step on ’Em All” Milo uses the kid’s schoolyard rhyme of “step on a crack and break your momma’s back” as its focus. Unfortunately, that’s where it loses the youthful charm as the song advocates violence against mothers, pushing listeners to “step on ’em all,” or in other words, “break all mother’s backs.” As if that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, later lyrics expose a desire to “put you (presumably mothers?) in your place.” “I Want to Hang Out with You” is an obsessive song listing all the things he wants to do with the object of his affection. At least doing things with that object is a smidge better than to them? It’s impressive that Milo can play all the instruments, sing, and write songs, but I hope the topics grow as he does. –Lorien Lamarr (Fat Wreck Chords, fatwreck.com)