Nov 22, 2017

Hell yeah, new TBR! Just kidding. They didn’t write any of these songs. The deal with this record is basic: pop punk stalwarts TBR covering other bands. But what makes it a standout concept is they are only showcasing bands that never really got their due. Think of it more of Ray and Kody’s catchy voices putting their own little stamp on bands that play similar tunes. This record is a complete success in the fact that I hadn’t ever heard of most of these bands. Though there are some I was pleasantly surprised to see, like Head and Artimus Maximus both of which I’ve seen play shows in Seattle and Bremerton. To be honest, I never liked Artimus Maximus when they played local shows, but this version has swayed me a bit. Then there are bands like The Gullibles whose song “Gay Parade” was never even released. They were still in high school when they wrote that song and now it has a home on a Fat release! Or there’s a track from Austria’s The Mugwumps who are still cranking out pop punk gems. The liner notes include a story from Kody, Miguel, and Ray about how they found each band, as well as how they’ve wanted to make this record ever since Total came out in 2005! The closer is from a band called The Punchlines whose song “Why the Big Pause?” makes me giggle each time I hear it. Maybe some of these covers will show up in TBR’s live set. One can only hope. –Kayla Greet (Fat)