Jan 05, 2022

Here we are in 2021 and Mutant Pop is back, baby! And what a great reintroduction it is. This fourteen-song CD is a tribute to many bands on the label’s roster over the years. We’ve got covers of tracks by Dirt Bike Annie, Kung Fu Monkeys, The Connie Dungs, After School Special, The Automatics, Egghead, and more. File this one under Mutant Pop, for sure. What a treat this is. It’s like a pop punk time machine. I’m so honestly impressed with how well these covers turned out. Some of the songs transport me right back to high school discovering Dirt Bike Annie in the early 2000s. Some are dusty, distant memories in my brain, yet every one of them nails that Timbo sound. The Mutant Pop aesthetic hasn’t changed either. We still get the iconic black and white band photo (with some spot color) on the cover and a detailed write-up from T. Chandler on the back. My favorite tidbit from that is learning Ryan Droppa (who arranged, performed, and recorded every one of these covers) churned out some of these tracks only two days after hearing the originals for the first time. Bananas! I’m hoping for some more pop punk gold to come out of camp Mutant Pop in the near future, but for now this CD is a perfect place holder. –Kayla Greet (Mutant Pop)