Sep 16, 2021

By the calendar, nostalgia for Mutant Pop Records is right on time (you dispute my claim that a wave of Mutant Pop Records nostalgia is upon us? If I told you that this was the third Mutant Pop tribute album this year, would that alter your perceptions appropriately?). People who were of a certain age back in the label’s heyday of the mid-’90s thru the early ’00s are now of the age where they are given to reflect on eras past. That’s why Happy Days was popular in the ’70s, and That ’70s Show was popular in the ’90s. By humanity’s psychological timeclock, it’s time. However, by all other measures, I contend that this wave of pop punk nostalgia is decidedly premature, mostly because I’m not done being sick of this stuff yet. I tend to suspect I would feel differently if each and every Queers-derived band on the planet dropped off the face of the earth for a few years and given the thing a decent chance to reset, but right now, this still feels like trying to drink a hangover away. This particular project is a one-man show, covering fourteen tunes from Mutant Pop’s extensive (if a trifle vanilla) catalog; the fact that it’s all one guy tends to sand away the sonic conflicts one gets with standard compilations, at the expense of imposing additional uniformity on material which largely drew inspiration from the same general gene pool. If you’re inclined to like this sort of thing, you’ll like this robustly. If you’d like it to all go away, you’ll have to try putting your pillow over your ears. BEST SONG & SONG TITLE: “Spike a-da Punch,” originally by the Proms. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Compact Disc! Digital Audio! –Rev. Nørb (Mutant Pop)

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