TEEN IDOLS: Stripped Down: 7”

May 25, 2021

Did I really need another version of Teen Idols songs? Well, listening to these acoustic stylings of “Everyday Is Saturday” and “Pucker Up” while combing my hair into a pompadour with my new Teen Idols comb, I found the answer to that is a resounding yes. We’ve got Dan Lumley on drums; Phillip Hill on stand up bass, guitar, and piano; Keith Witt on vocals; and.... Heidi Faith on background vocals? I was totally fooled into thinking that was Heather Tabor singing when I first played this record, but it’s not! Heidi Faith is a hired studio musician and she’s pretty spot on. I would rather have Heather, but you know, sometimes people move on. I’m confused about the track listing as it’s the same songs on the A side and B side, but in reverse order. Though the run-off inscription reads “Fuck B Sides” on both sides, so I suppose there’s my answer. From what I can tell from the record’s sleeve is that these are from a session in 2009 when Teen Idols briefly reunited (before Keith broke his ribs breaking up a fight) to play a few shows. It says they were contributing these songs for an acoustic comp that never came out and the songs were shelved for twelve years. Naturally, they were recorded at Sonic Iguana and sound fantastic. If you’re at all a fan of the originals, I recommend snagging a copy of this to hear some of the finest pop punk in a whole new way. –Kayla Greet (Hey Pizza!, heypizzarecords.com)