TEAR THE PETALS OFF OF YOU, $4.50, 5½”x 4½”, copied, 56 pgs.

“By refusing to take a hard stance against abusers you’re enabling them.” For the people who still aren’t getting it: “BY REFUSING TO TAKE A HARD STANCE AGAINST ABUSERS, YOU’RE ENABLING THEM.” I don’t care how good the new record is, I don’t care how nice he’s always been to you, I don’t care if he always seemed cool with his girlfriends around you, or fucking whatever, you believe victims, every time, and you ostracize (at the very least, ostracize) abusers or you’re complicit. This zine talks about Eff’s sexual assault via its resonance with the “allegations” against William Francis/Control (allegations: because there are over two hundred pages of proof, but no charge), and it is powerful. The personal is never just the personal. A musician’s personal life is not just their personal life: it is what we, as fans, are willing to allow for the sake of entertainment. What this zine illustrates is just how many get away, and how little social clout is needed to make that happen. It isn’t just about one survivor, though, it’s about watching the world around you not care that you’ve survived. It’s about watching fans of a band dismiss abject violence simply because of admiration, and about watching people you thought were your friends—say, the people around you in the scene—prove time and time again that that is absolutely not the case. This is a draining read, but the lesson is what I think is the most important one folks involved in music need to learn, and now: “If we want abusers and rapists out of the scene, it needs to be an all-in affair.” Those patches that say “KILL YOUR LOCAL RAPIST” are no joke. It’s about goddamn time we started to do better. –jimmy cooper (Julia Eff, crapandemic.storenvy.com)