TATTOO PUNK #2, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, full color cover, 18 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

Now, in overrated life decisions news... tattoos! Yep, it’s a whole zine interviewing punks who have and do tattoos. Tattoos to me are like children. I didn’t go my whole life without having any, just to listen to you boast about yours. Yup, I’m about the last person that should be reviewing this zine. But I bit the bullet and was surprised to find it engaging because the punks have a lot to say—about a lot of stuff not just tattoos—and have led interesting lives. A tattooed guy named Bobby talks about his band, The Lion’s Cage, and being profiled by the police. Punkemao from Chile talks about his band Tension 73 and living in a post-Pinochet Chile. Tattoo artist Charlene Baitaille talks about coming out and sobering up. Zoe Burke lives in a tiny house in a New York City backyard. There’s still plenty of tattoo talk if don’t have enough of it on the daily. –Craven Rock (Tattoo Punk c/o Nuts! Fanzine, PO Box 1959, New York, NY, 10013,, [email protected])