TANZLER: Recluse: CD

Nov 22, 2017

This band’s namesake, Carl Tanzler, was a Florida doctor who, in the early 1930s, became obsessed with a patient, a young woman. He failed to save her. She died of tuberculosis. So he stole her corpse from the cemetery and kept it in his house, stuffing its guts with rags and covering it with plaster of Paris as it rotted away. Interesting story, right? So why is the band not writing about junk like that instead of yet another song complaining about people who complain about things on the internet? Does the world need another song condemning people for eating fast food? And, heck, isn’t that kind of judgy in itself? Sound-wise, this is total D.R.I. worship. In all fairness, that’s a band worthy of worship, and Tanzler does it well and keeps it fun. Great for circle pits, I’m sure. –MP Johnson (Nothing But A Nightmare)