TALKIES: “Never Fear” b/w “Hollow”: 7”

Jan 18, 2017

At the start, the vocals hit me as breathy and flat. They are that for most of the release, but they also grew on me in a sweet way. That turning point hits around the middle of the first track. “Never Fear” rounds the chorus and wanders into that ‘77 New York/Cleveland rock that I love so much. It only lasts a moment, but it’s a nice departure into Stiv Bators/Johnny Thunders territory. On my second spin, I detected a few lyrics delivered with a slight snarl to them. Just underneath the male lead there is a crooner-y “ooo” strung along the song by a female voice. It adds a nice touch as the guitar meanders between leads and riffs. The drumming sort of wavers in a similar way—flip flopping between snappy taps and robust fills on both tracks. The airy vocals set them somewhere around the tail end of post-punk while flirting with indie. I can imagine tossing this in a mix with Slow Dive, Pixies, lollipops, and iced tea. –Kayla Greet (La Ti Da)